Audio Branding & Production

How Does Your Brand Sound?

Every brand has sound and sound space, but how much of it is desirable, how much of it was designed, and how much of it can be designed? Tyton gets to the core of your brand, and brings it into the realm of sound through custom media products and a comprehensive audio branding strategy.

When you can’t see the brand, you have to hear the brand.


  • professional voiceover talent



Branding is not limited to the visual realm

Could your followers recognize you blindfolded? It’s our job to make sure they can. Brand is multi-sensory. In an increasingly audio-interfaced world, how you sound is just as important as how you look. A consistent audio image covers branding blind spots, strengthens recall, and brings an added dimension to your brand. What others do with logo, font, and colour, we do with sound, music, and voice.