Audio Branding & Production

How Does Your Brand Sound?

Tyton Sound is an audio branding and recording studio based in Kingston, Ontario. We offer a number of products and services including Jingles, Commercials, Voiceovers, and Professionally-Voiced Phone Greetings. Click the Services menu above for info and samples.

Let us help you find your sound.



Branding is not limited to the visual realm

Let us help you to create your audio brand. Audio production includes recording, mixing, and processing of voiceovers and music as well as audio mastering for video. Audio branding goes much deeper. We take your existing brand and carry it over into the auditory realm, encompassing many things such as creating a brand voice, producing a custom jingle or audio logo, crafting a radio commercial that captures both the active and passive listener, and bringing a polished and consistent voice presence to your company’s phone automation and on-hold greetings.