I’m always fascinated by the parallels between the visual and auditory realms. Many of the techniques and qualities of video, film, and photography often have auditory counterparts. If I see something interesting done in a film or a picture, I often ask myself, ‘How can I do that with sound?’ Sometimes there is no aural equivalent, but often there is.

There’s an interesting technique you may have seen in scary movies. You film someone walking backwards, and then reverse it in post. The result is someone walking forward but in a very unnatural and unsettling way. Give it a try if you have the means. It’s weird.

So of course I figured why not try that with sound?

Somebody may have done this before, so if I’m taking credit for someone else’s work, please let me know. The closest I’ve been able to find is a clip from Twin Peaks. Look up ‘Cooper’s Dream’. It’s pretty creepy. David Lynch had the actors read the lines backwards and then reversed it. It sounds a bit odd so they ended up using subtitles.

But instead of simply reading the lines backwards, let’s take it a step further and actually say it backwards. If you’ve done it right, you shouldn’t need subtitles. The audio will explain it from here.