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Your Voice: Is Bigger Better?

I didn’t think I would be bringing up the Mario movie here, but bear with me. Since the release of the trailers there’s been a lot of comment about the voices. The most obvious is probably Mario. In the 80s he was American. Then in the mid-90s his voice was Italian. Now he’s American again….

Male or Female Voice: A Discussion

I kind of see this as the third part in a blog trilogy. A few months ago we started exploring the increasingly irrelevant gender binary in the voiceover and branding worlds. In the following blog we took it a step further by looking more specifically at non-binary voices. This time we continue the exploration with…

5 Reasons Your Audio Ads Are Underperforming

The average person will tell you there are a lot of bad ads out there. A professional will tell you there are a lot of ineffective ads out there. From local mom-and-pop shops to multi-billion dollar corporations, so many businesses are throwing money at the airwaves without knowing why or if it’s having any effect….

Male or Female Voice: How About Neither?

Last time we talked about getting away from the male/female binary in voiceover. But the conversation didn’t end there. The blog generated some great comment and discussion which I’d like to address and expand on here. I’d like to start with one of my favourite comments which came from voice actor Mike Tobin. “…many clients…