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Why So Many Radio Ads Fail – Part 2

Last time we highlighted some of the differences between active and passive media consumption. Another distinction that needs to be made for audio-only advertising is emotional versus logical persuasion. There’s certainly a lot of value to persuading with facts, figures, and data, but numbers don’t always convey well in audio ads. To a passive listener,…

Why So Many Radio Ads Fail – Part 1

I started my career in radio, and something that continues to frustrate me is how so many writers and producers of radio content will write and produce with this idea that the audience is hanging on their every word. The hard truth is they’re not, and they haven’t been for well over fifty years. Remember…

Audio Branding Talk

I’m kinda cheating with this one because it’s not really a blog. This is a presentation I made recently for some fellow marketing and media professionals in Calgary. This expands on some content I’ve presented in the past, and presents some new ideas as well.