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The Lesson of COVID: Crisis-Proof Your Brand

I’ve touched on this subject before, but I think it’s worth exploring in its own dedicated blog. When COVID-19 first hit North America in early 2020, most professionals were scrambling to adapt to a changed world. Being in the audio branding industry, it was very interesting to see these changes from a multi-sensory branding perspective….

Why You May Not Be Ready for an Audio Brand

Not every brand is ready to pursue an audio branding strategy. I’ve had many preliminary discussions that didn’t lead to action. And I hope that doesn’t sound bitter, because it’s not. Sometimes we may have the discussion and find it’s just not a good fit or it’s not the right time, and that’s perfectly fine….

The Audio Audit: CBS 4/5

Last month CBS launched a whole new rebrand. It’s a visual rebrand with a new audio logo that sets the tone for the animation. These kinds of rebrands are not uncommon, especially for a brand as old as CBS, but in this case, it sounds like they’re doing it for the right reasons. “I wanted…

Why So Many Radio Ads Fail – Part 2

Last time we highlighted some of the differences between active and passive media consumption. Another distinction that needs to be made for audio-only advertising is emotional versus logical persuasion. There’s certainly a lot of value to persuading with facts, figures, and data, but numbers don’t always convey well in audio ads. To a passive listener,…

Netflix Cinematic Logo: Upgrade or Band-Aid?

Netflix recently expanded on its audio logo for cinematic presentation. You’ve heard the original many times before. It’s that signature percussive tone that precedes all their original content. And for this job, they brought in the big guns. They recruited film score veteran Hans Zimmer to bring some buildup and weight to their existing sonic…

Geo-Audio Brand: Harnessing the Power of Culture Sound

Let’s put business aside for a bit and look at geography. I’ve spoken before about the famous wine study in the UK. In short, a wine shop played German music on certain days, and French music on others. On days when they played German music, they sold three times more German wine. On days when…

Brands Not Bands: The Dangers of Using Pop Songs in Ads

It doesn’t happen very often, but once in a while a client will suggest using a popular song for a new campaign. Then I give them “The Talk”; reasons why popular music is not a good long term audio branding strategy.   Cost Licensing established music for commercial purposes can be very expensive. And yes,…

The Cost of Noise in Your Workplace

Whether it’s an office, restaurant, store, or any place of business with more than a handful of people in the same room, an often overlooked component of audio branding is the aural environment. Most of us aren’t even aware of it. In fact, many of us make conscious and unconscious efforts to drown it out….