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Product Sounds: Audio Branding’s Secret Weapon

Rice Krispies is a boring, boring cereal, with an equally boring name. Fortunately someone realized it made a sound. They took snap, crackle, and pop and they ran with it, and that has sustained them for close to a hundred years now. If you have a product that makes (or can make) a distinctive sound,…

Assessing Your Brand’s Sonic Footprint (yes, you have one)

I’ve talked about this subject before, but I thought it was worth expanding on a bit. One of the first steps in audio branding is asking the following questions about your brand media and overall experience. ►How much sound and sound space do you actually have?►How much of it was designed?►How much of it can…

Why You May Not Be Ready for an Audio Brand

Not every brand is ready to pursue an audio branding strategy. I’ve had many preliminary discussions that didn’t lead to action. And I hope that doesn’t sound bitter, because it’s not. Sometimes we may have the discussion and find it’s just not a good fit or it’s not the right time, and that’s perfectly fine….